When it comes to buying a home, the first person many people think of is a real estate agent. Although they put a lot of work into the selling process there are plenty of others who are necessary while completing the process. The area of finance in real estate is often forgotten about but plays a very important role. Whether the position is located in a bank or house at agencies, finance roles are essential in the real estate world. Take a look at these careers in real estate financing. 


Loan Officer 

When investors, individuals, and businesses are interested in a property, most of the time they require financial assistance. This is where a loan officer steps in to analyze the buyer’s market and look into their financial situation at the moment. The majority of the work focuses on the amount of money a buyer could and should spend while looking for a property. Loan officers are who buyers complete the final agreement of purchase with and complete the legal paperwork. This is a great position for someone who is not only passionate about finance but real estate as well. 


Portfolio Manager

This position is perfect for someone who enjoys interacting with clients but not necessarily being out in the field. Portfolio managers supervise the client’s accounts and keep track of approvals during the buying process. This many include asset allocation, risk adjustments, and transaction supervision. Managers are also responsible for asset strategizing while being able to determine the difference between property values. This position is great for an individual with experience in finance and real estate management.


Commercial Property Mortgage Broker 

Individuals interested in working with business clients would be the perfect candidate for this position. Commercial property mortgage brokers share their financial expertise with business investors interested in a commercial mortgage. Your goal is to direct your clients in the best direction possible as they look for funding. Other tasks include paperwork and negotiating prices for a client’s property. The difference between working with commercial property and not just homes, you are given access to many more lending options that are strictly for commercial real estate.


Real Estate Analyst 

If you enjoy doing research and keeping up to date with the real estate market then you should consider being an analyst. This position requires you to stay posted about real estate trends and analyze the current market. A lot of the time you will be out on the field meeting with buyers and sellers to negotiate the best deals. Real estate analysts deal with all individuals during the process, which calls for great communication skills. Any analytical individual with mathematical skills will do great in this position as they create amazing investment opportunities.